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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in Kenya

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in Kenya

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Powerful Software Solutions for Your Business

Microsoft, a leading name in computer software, has developed a portfolio of business applications to address the growing and ever-changing needs of business ERP and CRM functions – Microsoft Dynamics 365. This cloud-based solution aims to turn your business challenges into advantages, an opportunity not to be missed by any small, medium, or large enterprise. The collection of cloud-based applications and add-ons have been specially developed to help simplify and streamline all business activities, to facilitate transparency and accessibility, improve business performance and ultimately, increase profitability.

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Dynamics 365 partnersImplementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 software solutions in your business will enable you to connect data, processes, and teams via a user-friendly, flexible platform comprising of a portfolio of intelligent business applications. Customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Kenya can look forward to the seamless integration of applications and add-ons, with one central business solution that covers all areas of operation within your business, as well as connects you with your customers and vendors.

A great advantage of this modern, digital enterprise management solution is that it has sewn together combined Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and solutions into one visual, user-friendly, and flexible business management unit. Included in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will find a comprehensive set of tools and applications for all your ERP and CRM needs. Another benefit of opting for this Business Management Solution is that Microsoft is continuously developing and improving its offerings, to meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment – providing you access to the latest in technology, which will give your business the competitive edge you desire.

You can expect features and applications for the following departments and functions:

  • Finance
  • Commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Keep reading as we discuss some of the top advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business in Kenya, and how you can use this cloud-based platform to improve business processes, helping you reach your business goals.

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 will benefit your business

Why are more and more Small, Medium, and Large enterprises migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage their ERP and CRM business functions? The real question is, why not?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 have combined everything your business will need and more in a business software management solution. It is extremely flexible and your package can be customised to meet your individual business needs. The system is easy to use with exceptional visualization, offering valuable insight into your business position across various departments. Microsoft is synonymous with quality and modern technology, meaning that you will have an array of Microsoft tools and applications at your company’s disposal – the latest and best in business management software.

Let’s take a look into the specific benefits of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your business:

  • Simplicity – Its ease of use and the ability to easily find the apps that your business needs have taken away the cluttered feel of a single large license covering all functions.
  • Flexibility – The service you require to effectively manage your ERP & CRM functions can be changed constantly to meet your business needs. Only purchasing what you require will also avoid unnecessary expenses, decreasing your software system costs.
  • Scalability – Growing business? No problem. Simply upgrade and amend your package and solution to accommodate your company expansions easily.
  • Productivity – A main benefit of partnering with Microsoft Dynamics 365, is that it aims to improve productivity across all disciplines, through accessibility, insights, and seamless integration of activities.
  • Insights – Gain valuable insights in terms of your business’s financial position, customer behavior, activities, and more to make better and more informed business decisions.
  • Security – Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based software solution that features strong security and access controls for applications and data, which are built into the cloud services, securing all areas including the physical data center, network connectivity, service hosting platform, and access of users.

All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a great opportunity to streamline your business functions, to improve agility and cost-effectiveness. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in Kenya will get you started as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the advantages of this modern business management solution.

Combining ERP & CRM solutions on one user-friendly platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it possible for businesses to manage their ERP and CRM functions on one easy-to-use platform, enabling them to get a unified view of their business. Dynamics 365 covers all functions of ERP and CRM, streamlining your front office and back office activities to improve business process efficiency, provide better insights, and for more informed decision-making.

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Essential Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – ERP & CRM

The choice of CRM systems solutions greatly increased over the years, but none address your ERP and CRM needs in one easy-to-use platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 does. Microsoft has adapted its offering to meet the need of the majority of enterprises, especially those in a position to grow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers all areas of ERP and CRM functions:

  • CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Planning and tracking tools will help align your Sales and Marketing teams, which can be integrated with existing apps and services.

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